Short Films

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Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?


Demographics of our audience
Age – our group concluded that our film would be for people from the ages of 15 to the ages of 25 as the cinemas would only let in teens over the age of 15 if it’s a horror or a scary thriller and also teens at this age love to get a thrill and enjoy watching horror films with their friends. Furthermore, the leading actress or actors in our film would be teens such as the female featured in the opening. Anyone younger may not understand the concept of a thriller. It goes up to 25 as people over the age of 25 tend to be busy in work and their home life so they might not be able easy for them to watch it.
Gender – We decided to say that the gender of our audience could be both male and female as our film would contain some typical stereotypes of both male and female and this would draw out people from both genders to come and watch the film.
Race – our film was not targeted at a certain race so it could be anyone who wants to watch it.
Social Class – Our film was aimed for the working/middle class as it is a low budget film so it would be show in very few cinemas in areas which consist mainly these two social classes.
Other Descriptions – Our audience would be the kind of teens/adults who would go out as group as it contains some stereotypes of a group of friends in the film which would allow the film to connect with the audience.

How did you attract/address the audience?


Elements included in our film to attract the audience Explain/How does this attract the audience Evidence
Female actor in the opening We used a female in our opening to show that our film is for both genders and that our film is not fully stereotypical. This is shown as Elise Clark acts throughout the opening of our thriller as our lead actress.
Certification This is the age rating given to each film released in Britain by the BBFC. This draws in our audience as the rating for our film would be 15 and that will be the age of some of our audiences. The reason it would be 15 is because our film would contain violence, blood and gory scenes which is not suitable for younger viewers as they may get frightened.
She’s 17 in the film This shows that the girl is young and stereo typically reckless due to her age. She messes around with spirits which shows that she foolish like other people her age. Her behavior could attract other people of her age as they may like to connect with the actress. This is shown through the starting part of the opening when the teenage girl is playing with some Ouija board which ends up with the girl disappearing.

Editing Day 4

On the final day of editing, i had to add the last scenes into the film which was the scene when the character see’s the picture she took on her phone and in the background was someone who was unrecognized. I also had to add all of the names into the the opening which included the names of the people in our group and the actors. It also included a production company and a distributing company.   These were the last steps that were done in order to complete the film’s editing.

Editing day 3

On the third day of editing, me and my partner started on adding more sound effects in to make the thriller more interesting and lively so at the beginning of the opening we added in a cloud thunderclap with rain in the background to set the mod before the opening even starts to the give the audience chills but later that week we all decided to take it out as it didn’t match our thriller opening as much as we had hoped. Then we had started making the background music for our video which was later completed by then other people in my group. The reason we created our own music was due to the fact that there was no soundtrack that matched the pace of our opening and if there was one it was copy right so we couldn’t have used it.editing-film11

Editing day 2

On the second day of editing, me and my partner started to finish off doing what we had started in the previous session and that was t make it look continuous and use the rules of continuity. It started off the second lesson by finishing off the scene where the girl is on her phone and i made it look more darkened as the lighting was different between that scene and the one before. The next thing i did after that was i added in the door scene where the door opens on its own and makes a creepy noise. I had to speed up the door as it opened too slowly when the speed was normal so once it had been sped up it look like someone had broke into the room which is what we were going for. Then we had to copy that same door scene as we had to make it look like something had come into the room but also closed the door behind it so the girl couldn’t get out. We then had to add the sound of the door separately as it was deleted during the process of copying and pasting the