On the first day of filming, me and my group had gone to our location where we were planning to shoot the opening to our thriller. As we got there we had to quickly put our props into place and get everything into order and discuss which shots were best to shoot first  which was the first . Once we figured that out we made sure everyone knew the roles they were meant to do and got the camera ready for the filming. It took my group a couple of takes to get the right shot so that we would be satisfied with what work we had done. We started off with using some of the rules of continuity that we had learn in class and that we had used in the


exercise. During this filming session, me and one other member of my group were directing the opening scene. One problem that had occurred during the filming day was that there was some extra background noise as the house occupant’s dog was int he house at the time and was making some noise and was entering the room so we had to keep stopping at times which messed up the positioning of the character and some of the props such as the Ouija board. Some targets that were made for the next filming day was to make sure the house was empty so that there wasn’t much noise being made and also that everything was set up and ready for us so that when we reached the location to film then we didn’t have to waste any time.


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