Editing day 1

On the first day of editing, i was in the editing with my partner. There was only 2 people per group allowed in the editing room at one time so it was my first time in there but the other pair in our group was previously in the editing room. They had added some clips into the but not in the right order so when it came to our turn, i put the clips into the right order in order to see where we got to and to see what we had to do next. Once that was in order i started placing more clips in o make it look continuous and to do so i had to shorten clips and place them in the right action and made it look like match on action so we see the phone from the girls perspective.


Filming Day 1


On the first day of filming, me and my group had gone to our location where we were planning to shoot the opening to our thriller. As we got there we had to quickly put our props into place and get everything into order and discuss which shots were best to shoot first  which was the first . Once we figured that out we made sure everyone knew the roles they were meant to do and got the camera ready for the filming. It took my group a couple of takes to get the right shot so that we would be satisfied with what work we had done. We started off with using some of the rules of continuity that we had learn in class and that we had used in the


exercise. During this filming session, me and one other member of my group were directing the opening scene. One problem that had occurred during the filming day was that there was some extra background noise as the house occupant’s dog was int he house at the time and was making some noise and was entering the room so we had to keep stopping at times which messed up the positioning of the character and some of the props such as the Ouija board. Some targets that were made for the next filming day was to make sure the house was empty so that there wasn’t much noise being made and also that everything was set up and ready for us so that when we reached the location to film then we didn’t have to waste any time.

Legal And Ethical

Legal Ethical Form

Legal Considerations

·       Films rights[basing on existing idea/material]

·       Copyright

·       Permission to film i.e. in certain locations e.g. on the Underground

·       Filming with children

·       Certification

·       Our film is not based on an existing idea or material that is out, it is an idea made by ourselves, therefore we are not copying to an existing film, this means that there will be no copy right issues.

·       We have are filming in a bedroom, therefore we have had permission from the actors parent to film.

·       There are no children featured in our film, which means that we have no problem with someone accidentally coming into the shots.

·       The certificate of our film is 12A

Ethical Issues

·       Being sensitive to representations in our film.

·       How audiences may perceive them e.g. gender, Ethnicity, disability or issues such as rape/ drug use and terrorism


·       We have not exploited anyone in our film, there is no portray of drugs/ rape/ violence and terrorism.

·       There is no discrimination on gender/ethnicity/ or disability. We have made sure that all the member in our group knows exactly what the film is about, this is why our film it is a 12A

Health and Safety Issues

·       We need to consider risks involved during filming: Night-time/isolated/dangerous locations, action sequences, filming cars, driving, filming with children/animals, props e.g. knives. WE SHOULD NOT FILM THAT COULD PUT OURSELVES IN DANGER

·       We will not be undertaking filming at night or in an isolated area. W are filming inside, therefore we are not at a dangerous locations. Action sequences, filming with cars or with children are not part of our film.  We will not be using knives as props for our film. However we do that expensive equipment- camera and tripod. Therefore we should be careful when travelling to and from the house due to theft.

Shooting Schedule

The shooting  schedule in the image below is planned out on the school time table of the girl in our thriller opening, Elise Clark. The red boxes are the times where our actress is available and also when at least 2 people from our group is available. The boxes drawn in pencil are the boxes that show whether we can film after school or not.

shooting s.jpg

Audience Feedback

These are two feedback i got from my fellow class mates about are opening of our thrillers whilst the were in the process of being completed. At the time of the feed back we had just started editing and they had just seen the clips of our film but not completely ready. The commented on Sound, mise en scene and editing etc. and told us the ares we could improve upon which we took into consideration whilst finishing off.

Thriller Opening Initial Idea’s

Our ideas at first were kind of hard to come across as what we came up with was either too boring or too typical. we had finally come up with three idea’s and we knew which one we wanted to go wit as it was really obvious. We chose to go with an idea which consist of a bomb on a train inside a bag held by a suspicious man. However, we then came up with a better plan and decided to go with that idea. Our current idea is about a girl playing the Ouija board alone and she gets a message asking her to send a pic of herself but when she takes it she realize there a ghostly figure behind her and when she looks, there’s none there. There happens to be a few more strange coincidences in the clip. I came up with the initial idea about using a supernatural spirit to scare the teen in the opening and to mess up her phone so she gets scared. I also thought of the ending of where she goes missing leaving the audience clueless of where she went.


Another one of the initial ideas was the political school idea where the kids within the school got brain washed by teachers and it was based off something such as M.I high where there are undercover spies in the school doing missions. The typical brainwashed child has face(s).
The last idea is a conspiracy thriller where there are many bags left all over one certain area and we can see the same man with the same glove dropping them and then someone approaches the bag to looking inside and as the music and tension builds the screen goes black leaving the audience on the edge of their seats and clueless.


Titles mean a lot to a film and are important as it shows an overview of that the movie is like and/ what it is about. This could be done through the font used for the title sequence or the colour of the title. These are important as the smallest of changes could make the biggest of differences for example, the original happy potter logo below shows a scary and more of a thriller like film but the second one shows a kids movie suitable for kids ages 7 and up. The colour used in the original Harry Potter title is a darker and more appealing and looks like something that most people over the age of 12 would like to watch however the pink one looks girly and doesn’t stand out as much as the original as there is not as much detail put into it.

Image result for harry potter titlesImage result for harry potter title pink

In the task we had to do at  school,  me and a partner had to make a opening of a film on the apple mac’s using an application to create our very own suitable opening for a thriller movie. In our task we had to think about the fonts, the genre, and the colour of the fonts that we used. Our title was a big dark  title with blood oozing out of the letters which is meant  to represent the thriller part of the film. In the task we did with Mr Guest, we reviewed his openings that he once made for films and talked about what was good and what could’ve been better about the film.